Redmine Toolbar v2

2 Jul

Hi all,

If you are a Redmine addict or you happen to work with your team with Redmine, here is a helper to your day to day life. The Redmine Toolbar v2 helps you to save dozens of clicks in order to get into your tickets, projects wikis and also repositories.

This toolbar allows you to have multiple redmines configured, what means that you can have both your job Redmine and your opensource project redmine. And any others you would like to have!

If you would like to install it, here is the repo:

The toolbar works this way:

1. Create an environment in the Options menu bar (right side of Redmine Toolbar v2)

2. Each environment refers to different redmine instances. The toolbar automatically crawls the instance to fetch the different projects you are joined and display them properly.

3. You can choose the project you would like to see on the left side of the RedmineToolbar v2.

The functionalities are:

You can access the news, activity, issues, repository, forum boards and wiki pages instantly of any project you have access to in the Redmine instance selected.

You can bookmark your own wiki pages in each project, to give you faster access to them instead of bookmarking all your pages on the bookmarking tool of Firefox (too cluttered)

You have direct access to create Issues on each project

You have direct access to each Repository, including the different commits done in them in real time

If you would like to see the repository with the extension code, go here:

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